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Foucauld de Bentzmann and Marius Marillet, who have just finished the MSc Supply Chain and Digital Transformation programme, won two prizes at the Concours des Meilleurs Mémoires de la Supply Chain (Best Supply Chain Theses Competition).

On 21 October, two students from the NEOMA MSc Supply Chain and Digital Transformation programme were awarded prizes at the 2023 Best Supply Chain Theses Competition, organised by the Association of Players, Pupils and Students in Transport and Logistics (AETL).

Foucauld de Bentzmann won second prize in the Jury Prize category for his master’s thesis on “The role of digitalisation in the development of tomorrow’s mobility and its contribution to economic and strategic change”.

NEOMA-concours supply chain-foucauld

Fascinated by mobility, the automotive industry, its history and new technologies, this subject made perfect sense. Cars are going to undergo a lot of changes in the years to come. One of the most important is that you will probably no longer own one. The automotive industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. Mobility, the car and its entire ecosystem are undergoing a veritable revolution. The sector and all its players, from manufacturers to logistics providers, are undergoing radical change and need to reinvent themselves. There are many causes and many consequences. That’s what I’ve tried to highlight throughout this thesis“.

Marius Marillet, whose final-year thesis was on “The impact and feasibility on the supply chain of a return to the deposit system for re-use in France”, was awarded second prize in the BAC+5&6 category.

The announcement of the competition results marks an important milestone in my “former” life as a student. I am very proud to have won this second place and I would particularly like to thank the AETL Association for promoting student research, as well as Jérôme Verny, Head of the MSc Supply Chain et Transformation Digitale, and Ouail Oulmakki, my thesis supervisors“.

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MSc Supply Chain & Transformation Digitale

This programme trains operational managers to lead the digital transformation in today's supply chain, strengthened with AGILE certifications.
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