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On Saturday 8 December 2018, 440 Bachelor programme students were formally awarded their graduation certificates in the presence of their families in Reims. A ceremony marking their official entry into the professional world and their new Alumni status.
At the very heart of the Congress Centre in Reims, a gala evening was held on Saturday 8 December. A prestigious ceremony to celebrate the graduation of 440 NEOMA BS students from the BBA, CESEM, ECAL CORA and TEMA programmes. A festive occasion that brings their studies to a close and for many marks the official beginning of their professional career.
Delphine MANCEAU began by speaking about the qualities and self-sacrifice of the new graduates. They were then congratulated by Catherine VAUTRIN, President of Greater Reims, and Viviane NEITER, NEOMA Alumni administrator, for their achievements, who then spoke about their new status as ambassadors for the City of Reims and the School. The graduates present then followed one another onto the stage in front of an audience of friends and family. Each received their diploma from their Heads of Programme and the Dean.