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Thematics :

NEOMA Coding School is a digital learning platform centred on IT development. Students and alumni have a tool for learning about coding and computer languages, which have become an indispensable skill. These are its main advantages.

1) It provides basic digital understanding and culture

The objective is not to train people to become IT development specialists but to provide them with the fundamentals of the digital culture so that they can communicate more easily with web experts and thus make successful advances in a fully digital professional environment,” Delphine Manceau, Dean of NEOMA Business School, said. “It is a main part of our current strategy that focuses on innovation and tomorrow’s professions.” “Learning coding helps to structure thinking (algorithmic logic) while requiring greater discipline (respect for a specific language’s syntactic rules). This education also incorporates the need for analysing the whys and wherefores of a comprehensive project”, Denis Gallot, director of the Rouen campus and Start-up Lab, said.  

2) It teaches website, application and calculation tool development

With the platform, students can start creating a simple website or app. They can also learn to develop financial calculation tools or use it to perform data analysis or learn about artificial intelligence concepts. Students and alumni supported in our incubators or accelerators can also create a model of their project on the platform,” the director of the Rouen campus and Start-up Lab, said. 

3) It is based on peer learning

The NEOMA Coding School is based on a collaborative, community-driven “marketplace” platform. Users (students, alumni, professors) can learn on their own or alongside their peers, receive advice or offer help based on their own skills. They can be both learner and teacher.

4) It allows users to follow their own programme at their own pace

Platform users select their courses and their programme. They learn on their own at their own pace according to their level and project. For example, a student who wants to develop an e-commerce website only learns the languages needed for their project.

5) It supports the teaching already provided by NEOMA  

NEOMA Coding School connects into the coding courses already offered at NEOMA on the Rouen, Reims and Paris campuses. Each professor can use this digital platform to teach some or all of their in-class or remote courses, in both a separated or synchronous format.