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Thematics :

On the 20th of November, the NEOMA campus in Reims hosted conferences/debates on “Economic Aspects of the Migrations” as part of the 6th Geopolitical Days Conferences in Reims.
journees geopolitiques de reims nov19 2Co-organised by NEOMA Business School, URCA and Sciences Po University in Reims, and supported by the Grand Reims metropolitan association and the city of Reims, the Geopolitical Days Conferences are free-admission, public conferences on geopolitics. For three days, different sessions in different locations provide moments to reflect and debate various geopolitical issues. This year the conferences focused on the subject of “international migrations, between myth and reality”.

On the programme for 20 November “Economic Aspects of the Migrations” at NEOMA session:
-    Reception by Pascal Choquet, Director of the Reims campus, NEOMA BS
-    Moderation: Paul Sanders, associate professor in leadership, ethics and international affairs, NEOMA BS
-    Economic Aspects of International Migrations and Border Issues - Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly - Professor of public administration at Victoria University, Canada
-    Turkish migratory circulation: invisible and yet so present economic dimensions - Stéphane de Tapia, Professor of Universities (speciality “Turkish Studies”) in Strasbourg, former director of research at CNRS, UMR 7367 DynamE (European dynamics)
-    Labour migration and knowledge industry: what does the case of India teach us? - Aurélie Varrel – head of research at CNRS, India – South Asia Studies Centre

>See the full programme for the 6th Geopolitical Days Conferences in Reims (JGR)