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Thematics :

A case study based on a book co-written by Anne PREVOST and François POTTIER, both associate professors in the Accounting Department, and in partnership with a number of School students, has just been published by the CCMP educational resource centre.
The publication of this case, relating to the running of a student society, is indeed the result of a concerted effort. In order to support this detailed case, a 12-minute support video, featuring a number of School students was produced internally by Lucio DE VINGO.

François POTTIER explains the process: "Based on a scenario written by myself and Anne, a number of Master in Management students on the Rouen campus who are also members of different associations, agreed to act in the video. In total, 7 students - François OMS, Juliette FAURE, Robin VIENNET, Vincent GUIBOUX, Lucile ROULLÉ, Solène-Yasmine VIANET and Benjamin AMRANI - agreed to play a variety of roles in a number of situations students are likely to encounter in their work with the associations. All these aspects are based on the book "Guide des associations étudiantes" (A Guide to Student Societies) co-authored with Anne PREVOST in 2018. A practical exercise that proves how professors, staff and students can work together to help develop learning in higher education."

This case aims to meet a number of learning objectives:
- Identify recurring problems and provide appropriate answers or solutions.
- Understand  entrepreneurial issues.
- Enhance knowledge  of contracts and civil liability.
- Improve knowledge of accounting (commitment and disbursement).
- Acquire specific vocabulary.

The case study has already been used on the PGE Association Track.

>For the complete case, please visit the CCMP website