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Thematics :

Charles PERRUT was given the opportunity to accompany Madame Farés-Emery, Director of the Delegation for Defence Information and Communication (DICOD) for an entire day. Charles' unique experience as a PGE student came about through the annual national Duoday initiative.

Duoday is a simple concept. For one day, a person with disability is invited to spend a working day in the company of an able-bodied person. As a one-day internship, a company, association, administration or community institution hosts a person with disability in duo with a volunteer employee.

This year, through the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, Charles PERRUT, a Master in Management student on the M2 Digital Marketing and Communication Specialisation, was selected to spend a day with Madame Farés-Emery, Director of Communication of the Ministry for the Armed Forces and spokesperson for the Ministry for the Armed Forces. As such, Charles was fully involved in the Director's schedule for the day. One of the day's highlights was his speech during the weekly Ministerial press conference on Thursday, May 16. "In my opinion, this is an initiative that promotes inclusion, a strongly supported value at NEOMA BS. This also shows that each individual's particularities can constitute a real collective force. For me, this was a unique experience that can, I hope, lead to future professional opportunities in the Communication field,"  Charles explained during his speech.

Credit: French Ministry of the Armed Forces