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Thematics :

Two professors created a collection of NEOMA teaching cases with The Case Centre, the renowned home of the case-based teaching.

Maria Ruiz Garcia, from the Finance Department, and Dawn Robey, from the Accounting, Control & Legal Affairs Department, The NEOMA case collection includes several cases on a variety of subjects, from marketing to finance, with a focus on specific topics such as luxury goods and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

They are all accompanied by a teaching note that explains how to use the case, how to run it in class and how to solve it. Most also include additional materials that are useful but not mandatory, such as videos, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations, etc. The professors were assisted by librarians and an educational engineer from NEOMA.

To immerse students in the reality of an organisation

Case studies are a common tool used by faculty in the classroom. Based on real-life situations, this interactive method aims to immerse students in the reality of an organisation. Depending on the context provided by the professor, the students are asked to solve a problem faced by a company at a given time, such as “What marketing and sales strategy should be established for the launch of a new product?” or “What investment recommendation should be made for a company?”.

Faculty members write their own case studies, either on their own or with the help of colleagues in the same or a different subject. They can also select cases written by other professors from case centres.