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Thematics :

Caroline GEORGE, a student on the Advanced Master's in Marketing Reaserch & Decision Making programme, received this award for her professional dissertation on the topic, 'The impact of chatbots on the customer experience'

​This work has been done ​under the supervision of Othman BOUJENA, Associate Professor of Marketing at NEOMA BS. The awards ceremony was held at the Senate in early July in the presence of a jury made up of researchers and practionners.

Caroline carried out her work-study programme as a web analyst at Disneyland Paris. Her dissertation examined the role of chatbots in customer relations through an in-depth field study among a variety of customer categories and a sample of brands that use conversational agents. Her work questions the importance of the human dimension in customer relations as well as the effects this may have on brand perception and service assessments.

Cercle Marketing Client is an organisation of almost 300 relationship marketing experts and professionals. It aims to provide an informal space where expertise on different subject-related areas can be shared.

Congratulations Caroline !