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100% B to B and aimed at management professionals, the blog draws on the expertise of NEOMA's professors with a view to making the latest management and business management research more accessible.

This new media platform is designed to share the expertise of the NEOMA community members related to management, innovation, performance and entrepreneurship through the analysis of real issues and the formulation of practical recommendations from research articles in management science.

A blog to answer current questions enlighted by academic research

The blog features a wide range of current topics, covering the latest innovative ideas, in French and in English, and remains fully in line with the School's strategic direction and the expertise of its community. For example, maybe you are wondering how to identify and deal with toxic individuals in your professional environment, how to select the members of a board of directors effectively, or how to deal with difficult clients? If so, then this blog will provide you with the answers.

In effect, the NEOMA blog seeks to provide companies with the insight to help them understand today's complex issues. It is a space for sharing information and exchange on subjects and lines of thought that resonate with the concerns of management professionals.

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