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Thematics :

Signed at the end of 2018, the partnership with Paris Normandie has taken off with the launch of the first public speaking and media training course for students.During the year, three training sessions are planned for students to enhance their oral communication skills. The first module was intended for students involved with student societies on the Rouen campus. Headed by Sylvain RICHON, journalist for the Paris Normandie web TV, the module directly places students in a live interview situation. How to control your voice? How to manage silences? How to get around a tricky situation? Or pay attention to language tics... All these questions were addressed through improvised sketches. “I was really surprised by the methods used as the systematic practice approach makes it possible to learn quickly. As future managers, we will all be called upon to communicate in public, whether to the media or not, internally or externally. Today, thanks to this course, I feel more confident in my ability to speak. Simply remembering the techniques to use before speaking will help to avoid any unnecessary stress,” explains Nicolas Farny, a student at the School and President of Adrenalix, the extreme sports society. The next session is scheduled for March for the incubated students.


To take the exercise one step further, the partnership also plans to sponsor the "Business Class" programme, an innovative video broadcast on the Normandy newspaper's web TV, with the aim of bringing the worlds of students and business leaders closer together. This 15-minute programme features a regional business manager and three NEOMA BS students on a TV set in frank and direct discussion in a friendly and informal atmosphere. The first episode features the President of Ferrero France: