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NEOMA MS Analyse Financière Internationale programme is one of the first Masters courses to be “Academic Partner for Sustainable Finance” with the Institut de la Finance Durable (Institute for Sustainable Finance).

Launched in April 2023 by the Institut de la Finance durable, in partnership with the Institut Louis Bachelier, the aim of the “academic partnership” project is to meet the challenge of recruiting new finance professionals entering the job market by helping to integrate sustainability into their finance courses.

The partnership is based on a set of 15 criteria divided into three categories: ecological issues, sustainable finance and transformation of academic institutions.

This recognition confirms that our programme develops students’ environmental knowledge and is strongly committed to developing their expertise in sustainable finance“, says Stéphane Fourneaux, Head of NEOMA MS Analyse Financière Internationale

The initiative is also designed to meet the growing demand from students for training in sustainability issues and from the market for professionals trained in these areas.

This is excellent news for our students, as this label will enable the programme to be identified by recruiters as a course committed to developing expertise in sustainable finance,” concludes Catherine Karyotis, Professor of Finance at NEOMA.

Associated programme

Mastère Spécialisé (MS) & MSc Analyse Financière Internationale

This programme trains analysts with a 360° managerial perspective on international finance, enabling them to excel in unstable and complex environments.
  • Part time
  • 12 months
  • Paris