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Among the various new features in the TEMA programme this year, the students will now have an immersive semester focusing on digital tech or design at one of the programme’s partner schools. A new partnership with the Wild Code School was signed in December 2019 for this purpose.

In a technological environment that is undergoing profound changes, TEMA strengthens its commitment to developing multi-disciplinary and hybrid skills. The curriculum is shifting towards a triple skillset combining management, digital technology and creativity.
One of the highlights of this approach is, as of September 2020, the integration into the curriculum of an immersive semester at a partner school where the students focus on a field complementary to management: engineering, design or coding.

TEMA anne laure herardIn complete symbiosis with the instruction received at NEOMA, this semester of immersion will significantly reinforce the students’ hybrid skills and give them a true sense of the culture of these environments. It’s simply not about giving our students a peek at the culture, but making them acquire complementary skills that are highly valued by diverse companies. Our aim is to teach agile and creative managers in the digital age who are able to create their own start-ups or help organisations with their shift towards full digital integration,” Anne-Laure Herard, Director of TEMA at NEOMA Business School, explained.

The partnership with Wild Code School is part of this approach: it responds to the changes in the job market and in particular to the current demand for manager/developer hybrid profiles. It will allow students at the two institutions to combine their skills with the goal of acquiring greater professionalization.

TEMA wild code school clement bechetoilleThe innovative and condensed pedagogy of the Wild Code School offers students a concrete experience. The skills acquired (languages, web, agile methods, etc.) will allow students to cooperate better in companies with web developer teams. For certain students who have start-up projects, they can contribute more actively to the creation of the Beta versions of their web apps. For Wild Code School, this partnership will further strengthen the diversity of profiles in the school’s classes, which will bring greater depth and sharing to the skill building there,” Clément Bechetoille, Reims Campus Manager for Wild Code School, said.

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