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Thematics :

From 16-20 January, on our Reims and Rouen campuses, second-year students on our BBA programme took part in a seminar entitled: “Communication: modus operandi,” with the aim of developing their critical thinking and search methodology, and of  understanding and mastering different communication methods.

The students worked on all these skills by producing a press kit on the topic of their choice, which they presented to a panel of experts.

To guide them through the process, a number of workshops were organised for them, including a writing workshop   led by a writer. Journalists Laurène Saby (Le Figaro) and Aurore Coulaud (Libération) presented written, oral and graphic communication techniques used by the media and in the business world.  Then they helped the students to organise and write their press kit.
Some of our librarians took part, training the students in documentary research and assisting them with their searches.
Throughout the week, the teaching staff guided the students as they developed their project, providing theoretical input (methodology, source reliability and validity).
To make the students more aware of the demands of oral communication, they presented their press kit in the form of a debate.

This seminar follows on from the first year induction seminar, “Learning how to learn,” which encouraged the students to think about their learning methods as soon as they began the programme.

Thanks to these regular seminars during the course, the students constantly develop the core skills that businesses require, and which they will be able to use throughout their career.

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