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Romain Degrange did not wait until he graduated to start his business. At the end of his second year in the TEMA programme, he created “Numéro 10”, a digital strategy consulting company.


How did the TEMA programme help you to recognise this growing sector?
During my first two years in TEMA at NEOMA BS, we took a lot of very diverse courses that dealt with companies, digital technology and innovation. That helped us acquire a large range of knowledge on these subjects, develop skills through practical projects, and learn to use a multitude of tools.
It was when I started my second-year internship that I spotted a problem: the company I was placed in had never developed a digital strategy. I then made the decision to put those skills to use and devote myself to the analysis of the company during my six-month internship.

Why digital strategy consulting?
First, because it’s a subject that interests me greatly and also it’s a sector that is undergoing constant growth and development.
Second, digital strategy is a sector where companies have a real need.
Finally, the fact of working in consulting allows me to work independently, wherever I am in the world.

What is the advantage of being a future TEMA graduate?
TEMA gave me the skills and tools necessary for succeeding in business by combining digital technology mastery and solid training in management and administration.
I also had the chance to take advantage of the programme’s network by receiving feedback on my business, which helped me improve my services and offers.

Was there one course in particular, which was especially helpful for you?
It is difficult to pick out just one course over my first three years in the TEMA programme. However, the courses that were, for me, the most valuable where the courses in digital culture, technologies and new business models, digital and entrepreneurial law as well as strategy.
These modules taught me a lot about the digital world, give me the tools for analysing companies and sharpened my critical outlook.

Today in his third year in TEMA, Romain is continuing the development of his company while studying in the TEMA programme.

Enter TEMA in September!
Last exam session: July 18, 2018
Deadline for application: July 13, 2018
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