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Thematics :

Only three years after the alliance between the two founding Schools of Rouen and Reims, NEOMA Business School has had its place confirmed in the prestigious circle of Schools with the "Triple Crown", since its three accreditations have just been renewed.

After EQUIS in 2014 and AMBA in 2015, our AACSB re-accreditation proves the soundness of our strategic plan, approved by leading international experts. In broader terms, it confirms the School's compliance with the best academic standards in the world and underpins our choice of policy guidelines.

Several strong points were hailed by the auditors, directly related to the three cornerstones on which the AACSB assessment is based:

  • Commitment, illustrated by the quality of the connections established between the academic and professional worlds, in relation to the School's strategy.  On this criterion, the auditors noted the very close proximity of the School with businesses and the excellence of the faculty and its research.
  • Innovation, or the new things we have done over the last 5 years. On this criterion, the auditors underlined the growing internationalisation of the School with the real expertise in China and the Centre for Leadership & Effective Organisations, and the increasing use of new technologies in our classes.
  • Impact, measured in terms of process quality, results or renown, as a major factor in the School's differentiation. On this criterion, the auditors noted the highly encouraging results of the Business Incubator, the strength and commitment of our graduate network, the relevance of the links between certain research work and the regions in which our campuses are located, and the degree of selectivity of our programmes
Recognised as a guarantee of quality all over the world, the triple "crown" accreditation increases the renown and prestige of the School. It not only enhances our reputation in France and abroad, but also represents a guarantee of excellence in that it proves NEOMA Business School has successfully met the auditors' increasingly stringent requirements.

This distinction also attests to the value of the training courses and the diplomas we deliver, to companies