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Two articles by NEOMA Business School professors have received recognition in the field of international marketing research!

With one article chosen as a “must-read” by the Marketing Science Institute (MSI), and another ranked among the ten most frequently downloaded Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services articles, our research proves its relevance and impact in the field of marketing.

Pierrick Gomez, professor in Marketing at NEOMA BS, has been rewarded for his article “It's Not Just Numbers: Cultural Identities Influence How Nutrition Information Influences the Valuation of Foods”, co-written with Carlos Torelli, which appeared in the Journal of Consumer Psychology in July 2015.

The article is one of the Marketing Science Institute’s “must read for marketers 2015” articles. The selection was made by the MSI Academic Trustees, who identified the year’s articles that are most important for marketing professionals to read.

This research examines how cultural mind-sets cued by a salient identity can influence how consumers interpret seemingly benign nutrition information in foods. Results show that nutrition information can be incongruent with the cultural norm of food enjoyment distinctively associated with French (and not American) identity.

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Adilson Borges, Associate Dean for Faculty and professor in Marketing, and Marat Bakpayev, Research Assistant at NEOMA BS, are among the ten most frequently downloaded authors with their article “Private labels versus national brands: The effects of branding on sensory perceptions and purchase intentions”, co-written with Patricia Rossi, which appeared in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services in November 2015.

Consumers increasingly consider private labels to be as good as national brands. This research raises the question of whether national brands and private labels equally affect consumers’ sensory perceptions and purchase intentions. The results of two studies show that consumers reverse their evaluation of private labels (vs. national brands) when tasting the product in an informed (vs. blind) condition.

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