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Accounting, Control and Legal affairs research seminars

Published on 11 October 2020 by NEOMA

  • Corps professoral

ACL research seminar series are organised by the Accounting, Control and Legal affairs department and open to all.

This seminar takes place once a month during 1 hour.

Contacts: Jeong-Hoon HYUN, jeong-hoon.hyun@neoma-bs.fr et Antoine SOUCHAUD, antoine.souchaud@neoma-bs.fr


The shedule will be updated on a regular basis

Thursday, November 25th at 4:00 p.m., Paris Campus (room SC 0402a)

Pr. Sean Cao (Georgia State University): “How to Talk When a Machine is Listening: Corporate Disclosure in the Age of AI”


Previous seminars


  • Friday October 16:
    Pr. Olivier DESPLEBIN, Université de Rouen – “Blockchain et comptabilité”.
  • Thursday November 5 at 4pm:
    Pr Fahim Javed (Le Mans Université), Pr Mehdi Nekhili (Le Mans Université) et Pr Haithem Nagati (EM Lyon) – “Looking beyond homophily: Board gender quota law and the choice of gender-diverse audit partners”.
  • Tuesday Januaray 19 at 3pm:
    Pr. Pénélope Van den Bussche (Dauphine) et Pr. Claire Dambrin (ESCP) – “Assetizing the self: human capital on peer-to-peer platforms“.
  • Thursday February 11
    • at 3:30pm: “Knowledge sources of internal audit innovation“, Pr Marion Tellechea (ICN), Stéphanie Thiery Dubuisson (ICN) et Stéphane Lhuillery (NEOMA)
    • at 4:30pm: “We all have better things to do than do audit work”. Accepting compromises in audit work: An ethnography of junior auditors in Big 4 firms”, Pr Sébastien Stenger (ISG)
  • Tuesday March 30 at 4pm:
    Pr. Thomas Bourveau (Columbia Business School, New York) “Public Company Auditing Around the Securities Exchange Act”



Accounting, Control & Legal Affairs

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Accounting, Control & Legal Affairs

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