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Students on our Marketing & Design and High-Tech Product Marketing courses were able to experience something new between 1 and 4 April: they got to use a 3D printer and a 3D scanner for their projects. They were thus able to experience the practical impact of these technologies on their future career, their value and the issues they raised, and also to discuss in more general terms their impact on society.

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This experience is a result of a partnership between NEOMA Business School’s Teaching & Learning Centre and ‘Smart Product and Consumption’ (SPoC) Research Institute.

T&LC: the Teaching & Learning Centre has the responsibility of leading pedagogical creativity by developing resources that integrate technology.  The integration of 3D printing in courses for teaching purposes is an example of this.

Smart Product and Consumption Institute: its aim is to analyse how the appropriation and use of intelligent products (products that communicate and act autonomously) in order to help deciders to include these new objects in their marketing strategies and business models.  The research results and equipment used are used in various courses (High-tech Product Marketing, Marketing and Design, Innovation Marketing) to enrich student experience and learning, with an action learning approach.

The introduction of 3D technologies in courses carries on from another experiment already under way at NEOMA BS since 2012 that uses NAO, the programmable, interactive, autonomous, humanoid robot, in High Tech Marketing and Sales course, particularly in TEMA. NAO is also used by SPoC as a subject for research in itself in order to study the way individuals react to and interact with robots.

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