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Thematics :

On Friday, November 23, NEOMA BS Advanced Master in Marketing and Data Analytics students visited IBM's Parisian premises. The perfect opportunity to discover how the company operates and deals with technological innovation and digital transformation.
This visit is part of the course instructed by Alain GOUDEY, Marketing Professor and Chief Digital Officer at NEOMA Business School.

First, students paid a visit to the Global Industry Solution Centre (GISC). A place where it is possible to understand how transformations are conducted in different sectors of activity. For example, how a city can be transformed into a "smart city" by embracing technology.

Then, they discovered the Scale Zone, a co-creation structure designed to help start-ups develop large-scale innovative projects. An opportunity to witness the realistic support provided by IBM teams in the context of a transformation policy.

Finally, several speakers presented the challenges of digital maturity based on research carried out with EBG (Electronic Business Group), the French leading Digital Innovation think-tank. The presentations also focused on career opportunities and the continuous improvement of desired customer experience within the company. An immensely rewarding visit enhanced by the company's expertise.

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