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Advice, the right questions to ask, recommendations, experience sharing… Grégory Guilmin, author of a book on how to Invest in 2023 met NEOMA students in International finance analysis master programme.

The students of NEOMA MSc International Financial Analysis were given the opportunity to meet Grégory Guilmin, a Management Engineering graduate from the University of Namur and HEC Lausanne and Doctor of Finance. The author of Bien débuter en bourse: Prenez soin de vos économies en toute autonomie (Getting started in the stock market: Take care of your savings on your own) came to share his experience of the financial markets and give advice on how to start investing.

“In the volatile context we are currently going through, Grégory Guilmin’s talk helped the students identify the right questions they need to ask and be asking themselves when they want to start investing,” says Stéphane Fourneaux, professor on Finance and Head of the MSc International Financial Analysis programme. “He also spoke about how he handles his own investments to avoid making mistakes with his own money.”

The conference was a great success with the students as it provided answers to their direct and important questions whilst reminding any future novice investors of the Financial Market Authority’s guidelines and recommendations on how to invest.

Associated programme

Mastère Spécialisé (MS) & MSc Analyse Financière Internationale

This programme trains analysts with a 360° managerial perspective on international finance, enabling them to excel in unstable and complex environments.
  • Part time
  • 12 months
  • Paris