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Thematics :

The Junior-Enterprises (JE) associations present an excellent opportunity for Master in Management students to apply their professional skills with genuine companies.
A cross between a company and an association, the Junior-Enterprises are "student consulting firms" carrying out studies for organisations looking to develop a wide range of projects: HR, marketing, financial, communication and CSR.

Altéo Conseil and NEOMA Reims Conseil, the two Junior-Enterprises on the Rouen and Reims campuses have developed a solid reputation with their clients and within the JE movement. This year the two Junior-Enterprises appear amongst the Top 30 best IE in France.

NEOMA is very proud of this achievement. Congratulations to both associations and to all their members!

To go further

Altéo Conseil : https://www.alteo-conseil.com/

NEOMA Reims Conseil : https://www.neomareimsconseil.org/