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Altéo Conseil is once again ranked among the 30 best junior enterprises in France this year! A nomination established by the Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises (CNJE) and which highlights the quality of the services provided by the NEOMA BS Rouen Junior-Enterprise. To mark the achievement, we spoke to Pierrick Lallemand, Vice-President of the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises and former Altéo Conseil President.

How is the Junior-Enterprise classification compiled?

Lallemand PPierrick Lallemand : The major advantage of the Junior-Enterprise (JE) initiative is that they are audited annually. The youngest Junior Enterprises are even audited twice a year. The audit(s) they undergo are similar to those of a traditional company and include a number of areas: organisational, managerial and financial management. These audits are carried out by selected junior entrepreneurs (60 recruited for 2000 candidates!). In practical terms, the auditors fill in grids that they send back to the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises. If the audit is correct, the JE obtains a satisfactory rating.
To draw up the list of the 30 best IEs, we match the grids of the various organisational, managerial and financial audits weighted according to a confidential scale, and the 30 best scores are selected. This is not a ranking with a 15th, 22nd and 30th place, but a selection. The thirty selected companies can then send a road map to our premium partners: BNP Paribas, Alten, Ey and Engie. On the basis of this process, the top 6 to 8 proposals are selected and the corresponding Junior Enterprises are then audited by our partners. Finally, the best 3 or 4 are named. These finalists then make an oral presentation to the partners and the CNJE's strategic committee. This year, the INSA Lyon Junior-Enterprise was named best J-E in France. The prize was awarded at the 100th Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises Congress held in the Ardèche region.

What can you say about Altéo Conseil's position?

Pierrick Lallemand : A place among the Top 30 best Junior Enterprises highlights a certain level of excellence in terms of practices, operations and financial, organisational, strategic, commercial and HR management. In a word, it means that Altéo Conseil is one of the best in the sector. And this has been the case for more than 10 years!
If I look at this from the position of former president, then it isn't so surprising, given that this year marks Altéo Conseil's 50th anniversary, meaning it is one of the movement's founding Junior-Enterprises with one of the largest corporate networks.
But I hope they can go even further because everything is far from perfect: I hope they can make it into the top 6 and then why not go all the way to the final!

As former President of Altéo Conseil and Vice-President of the National Confederation of Junior-Enterprises, what does this ranking represent for you?

Pierrick Lallemand : As vice-president of the CNJE, I have to remain neutral; but I am very happy about this, especially since the audit has a time-based approach and judges the ability of the Junior Enterprise to produce sustainable results. As former President of Altéo Conseil, I am delighted to see that the future is assured, and I can appreciate the sacrifices the teams in place will have to make.
Because in a Junior-Enterprise we are not really "normal" students. You have to remember that as well as our studies, we also run an SME that generates a 100K€ turnover and manage dozens of volunteers
I learned so much with Altéo Conseil. During my time in office, I had both the worst and the best experiences of my life. And it is thanks to NEOMA that I was able to do all these things and have the opportunity to become Vice-President of the CNJE. There are so many people at the school I would like to thanks, who supported and advised me to allow me to be in the position I'm in today.