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The NEOMA BS junior enterprise on the Rouen Campus was recently named among the 30 best junior enterprises in France for the 11th consecutive year. This announcement once again recognizes the activities of Alteo Conseil, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. A good reason to meet the entire team and ask them some questions about their development prospects. Interview.

What does being ranked among the top 30 mean for you?

We are all obviously very proud to receive this nomination for ourselves and all our former members. We have been listed among the 30 best Junior-Enterprises in France for eleven consecutive years now. This confirms the fact that out of the 185 Junior-Enterprises in France, Alteo Conseil remains one of the most innovative. This award is an acknowledgement of the work carried out by a number of mandates and generations of students who have invested their time and effort and who continue to support the development of Altéo Conseil today. So, being named among the 30 best Junior-Enterprises in France is a legacy that we have inherited and one we hope to pass on to future mandates so that they can win the Junior-Enterprise Excellence Award.

Can you remind us what you do?

To begin, as a reminder, a Junior-Enterprise is first and foremost a non-profit association run by students in line with the law of 1901. As a firm, we provide consulting services for companies of all sizes, including start-ups and entrepreneurs from all sectors of activity. Our areas of expertise correspond to the range of courses we receive at NEOMA and validated by examinations in strategy, marketing or finance, for example.

What is the strength of your advice?

The strength of Altéo Conseil lies most probably in its history. This year we are celebrating 50 years of existence, which means a heritage and expertise of 50 mandates. The members of these past 50 mandates remain available to help us on a range of matters, from simple operational issues to the training of our new recruits or the development of long-term strategies. This support allows us to set up ambitious projects every year. In addition, we have been ISO9001v2015-certified since 2018. This accreditation is testament to our determination to improve internal efficiency and to use the resources at our disposal to maximise the satisfaction of our clients, without whom we would not exist.

What are your plans for development?

We want to reconnect with our roots, capitalise on our resources and boost our performance. In other words, we want to develop around Le Havre and Caen and increase our regional presence. The HAROPA axis and the economic development it generates are also a great opportunity for Altéo Conseil.
Plus, we have developed specific training modules in CSR and web marketing in response to the growing needs of our clients. The idea behind the bolstering of such projects is to remain an innovative structure that offers added value to students and clients.