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Thematics :

Laurent Kleitman, managing director of Christian Dior Perfumes and sponsor of the Masters in Management class, invited the NEOMA students to discover the Paris headquarters of Christian Dior House of Perfumes.

At this event specially organised for them, the students from the Master in Management programme at NEOMA attended a presentation on the positions at the house and talked with school alumni who work for this famous luxury brand.

This special meeting also offered the opportunity to learn about the secrets of the perfumery by listening to Francis Kurkdjian, director of perfume creation at Dior, who explained his creative process.

The students then met with Laurent Kleitman who took the time to answer each of their questions.

What an opportunity for our student to benefit from such an inspiring moment!

Thanks to Laurent Kleitman for his involvement, attention and authenticity.


Associated programme

Master in Management

With the Master in Management become a top-level business leader, capable of meeting the expectations of organisations all over the world.
  • Full time
  • 2 to 3 years
  • Reims, Rouen