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Anne Browaeys is Club Med's Managing Director of Marketing, Digital and Technology and has taken on the role of Patron to NEOMA's Master in Management class of 2022 since the start of the school year. She began her tour of the NEOMA campuses with a day's visit to meet and talk to the students in Rouen.

Anne Browaeys' day on the Rouen campus started off with a round table discussion chaired by two students. Anne is a 1997 Master in Management graduate and she recalls her early experience as a student on the Rouen campus with obvious emotion.

She tells the story of her involvement in the Student's Office with simplicity and humour, "We were the campaign winners! We were called Spartacus and we brought elephants onto the campus...!"
The round table dialogue then focused on her internship experience, which turned out to be a decisive step in shaping her professional career.

Anne Browaeys takes her role as patron very seriously and devotes her visit to giving sound advice, recommendations and useful tips to the students. And she certainly doesn't mince her words when she talks about the personal and professional obstacles she has come up against.

“ I never said to myself that I wanted to be a CEO ”

Anne's position as Managing Director of a CAC 40 group also led her to comment on her professional career as a woman: "I have always been shadowed by the female imposter syndrome. I never wanted to do things quickly and I never thought to myself I wanted to become a Managing Director. I worked on new topics that allowed me to learn quickly and I was also lucky enough to have decided to work in a fast growing sector."

Anne is passionate about her work, which to her is a question of finding the right balance between professional and personal life.

anne browaeys2
Work is about finding a compromise between your interest in what you are doing, the money you earn and the time you spend. My family life is important to me and I wouldn't have the impression that my life were balanced, if I couldn't watch my children growing up,” claims Anne Browaeys during a discussion with the student association members on campus.
A message received loud and clear by the audience!

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