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Thematics :

The Chancellery of Parisian Universities' formal thesis prize for Management sciences has been unanimously awarded to Antoine SOUCHAUD, assistant professor in the Accounting, Control and Legal Affairs Department.

Antoine SOUCHAUD's thesis came about with the complex issue of the imminent creation of a derogation from the banking monopoly on credit for loan participation platforms (crowdlending), a topic he attempts to analyse.

Scientific and media benefits

Prix chancellerie 3On a strictly scientific level, this thesis has resulted in thirteen academic conference presentations, a publication in the journal Politique et Management Public (Rank 4), two publications in the journal Gérer & Comprendre (Rank 3), one acceptance of an article in the journal Contrôle Comptabilité Audit (Rank 2) and a final publication in the Journal of Business Ethics (FT and Rank 1). In addition, the research presented in the thesis was awarded three prizes at the 2018 International Association of Strategic Management conference (best paper from the conference, Roland Calori Prize - young researcher and best empirical study).

Concerning scientific popularisation, the thesis has contributed to the publication of numerous articles in Le Monde, Les Echos, La Tribune, Réalités Industrielles, The Conversation and CNRS press releases, as well as videos for the Académie des Sciences Comptables and FNEGE media.

A doctoral work to analyze crowdlending in all its aspects

Prix chancellerie 22Beyond these achievements, this PhD is unique for a number of reasons. First, the thesis provides direct food for thought concerning a financial environment that is still under construction, since research has been a key element in the development of crowdlending.

Secondly, this thesis focuses on emerging and rapidly developing phenomena that business innovation management has a fundamental interest in. Crowdlending is not only a new financial activity, it is also a manifestation of the intrinsic growth of financial, entrepreneurial, institutional and organisational innovation at all levels. In addition, issues related to the regulation of meta-organisations (the member organisations of an organisation) and ethics are also addressed.

chancellerie parisThe thesis also acts as a call to re-think research topics, which in turn encourages a genuine cross-disciplinary approach. An ambition and a taste for an approach that supports investigative freedom and reflection at a time when the research environment is leading to increasingly restricted and premature specialisations is also revealed.

Finally, the thesis further lends support to the "thesis through articles" formula.​