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This recruitment solution, created by a NEOMA BS PGE Student, is under the guidance of the school's incubator since 2017. A concept that has already been awarded several prizes, including a French Tech grant last July.

App'Ines is a revolutionary mobile application that aims to assist physiotherapists in their long-term recruitment plans, from initial contact with colleagues right up to the electronic signing of a contract. A solution created by Adrien BOURZAT, NEOMA BS PGE 2012 graduate, under the guidance of the School's Paris Campus Incubator since 2017. A concept that has already been awarded several prizes, including a French Tech grant last July and a Technology Incubator grant.

"App'ines is a family story," explains Adrien BOURZAT. "The idea came to me whilst talking to my brother. He's a district nurse in the South of France, so I only got to see him a little at family get-togethers and I felt he was close to burning out. One day we started talking and he explained the legal and ethical obligations of having to follow up patients in the interest of continuing healthcare and the difficulties he was having finding replacements with an already overloaded schedule. He drew up a list of existing, yet unsuitable and time-consuming or costly solutions. That's when I thought I could do something about it with my 5 years' experience as a digital project manager." Over a weekend in March 2017 dedicated to online health, he pitched the idea. At the same event, he got together with a physiotherapist to develop and refine the project. A few months later, he finished by setting up a company alone, as the latter had become a victim of burn-out because he could not find a replacement in his practice. App'Ines was officially launched in April 2018.

This simple and smart medical recruitment service is now launched for physiotherapists. "Each of them are now able to propose an offer of replacement, assistance or collaboration. It's a complete service designed to put the smile back on their faces... which is why there is a little monkey on the logo to embody App'ines," Adrien explains with a smile. His motto: "A happier practitioner for healthier patients."  

A simple, fast and secure concept

"The service is above all extremely simple and intuitive. Professionals are able to create their ad in the space of 2 minutes, while detailing very specific criteria. Candidates are able to access all the offers by refining their search according to contract, date, place, retrocession of fees, etc… To guarantee the security of this service, all candidates have to log on with their Directory of Healthcare Professionals (RPPS) identifiers and their identity card. Via App'Ines, members are able to draw up a contract directly, thereby saving time and money. Everything has been designed to simplify the life of these professionals while guaranteeing the quality of the service offered," Adrien Bourzat adds.

Significant development for a launch in October

This start-up, incubated at NEOMA BS since October 2017, is really booming today. Only recently, it has received financial support from the BPI as part of the French Tech grant awards. However, much remains to be done. "The replacements are very flexible and particularly mobile people, so to reach them, this format (mobile app) had to be used to stand out from the competition. We've therefore hired several developers since June. They've already helped create an initial Beta version. Today, I have a community of 200 physiotherapists who have helped identify certain bugs and potential improvements. I've also met a number of professional associations who are extremely interested in this service, and help us share the service with as many people as possible. For example, the Healthcare Professionals' Union of Physiotherapists in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region is a partner of the project's deployment in the region, where App'ines is based."  After this recent launch, Adrien BOURZAT is setting his sights set on the future of his mobile application. Following a fundraising campaign planned for early 2019, the young entrepreneur would like to see the service offered to nurses, and soon after to all regulated health professions.

Patience is therefore required, but hopes are high. You need to carry on smiling in the world of medical recruitment.

For more information, feel free to visit www.appines.fr