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Thematics :

Musicals, known as “CoMu ,” are an institution in business schools, and are generally promoted by the Arts Society.  Each year students go to auditions and take their rehearsing very seriously so that the show they present to the public will be of the highest possible quality!

This year, NEOMA BS students will be performing two musicals at the same time on 12 and 13 May: Ulysses by Reims campus students and Cluedo by Rouen campus.

The new show performed by the Reims campus Arts Society, this year known as Psykop’Arts, takes Homer’s Odyssey as its theme. In all, 80 students from all the different programmes offered on the NEOMA Business School Reims campus, will present an original show that blends dance, singing, theatre and musical composition to offer the Reims public a unique student performance on the theme of Ulysses, the wily but brave hero who defied the   gods with both passion and nonchalance…
With the support of the Comédie de Reims, the Société Générale, the City of Reims and NEOMA Business School.
12 and 13 May, 8pm, at the Comédie de Reims.
Open to all – Fixed price €9 – Tickets available at the theatre.
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In Rouen: CLUEDO
Cluedo is the NEOMA Business School, Rouen campus musical. 53 artists come together to give their very best in three performances, including one for the pupils of two schools.
With dance, singing, set creation, costumes and theatre, the musical calls on every kind of talent to produce, after four months of rehearsals and bustle, a show lasting more than an hour and a half, that is as professional as possible, in a theatre that can host more than 500 spectators.
12 and 13 May, 8pm, at the Centre Culturel Voltaire in Deville-lès-Rouen.
Tickets for the performances will be on sale every lunchtime from 16 April in the entrance of Building at NEOMA BS, Rouen campus, price €10.
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