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Thematics :

This is the name given to the NEOMA BS Master in Management back-to-school seminar. 4 days, two campuses, 1,100 students, 1 eco-challenge, enthusiastic coaches, inspiring speakers and committed student associations. A veritable immersive cocktail for the new first year students. A perfect way to begin life in a renowned International Business School.

This year, the seminar focused on the theme of social entrepreneurship because environmental issues simply cannot be ignored when it comes to preparing young students for tomorrow's world. “As a business school, it is our duty to provide students with the necessary tools to build the world of tomorrow," explains Sylvie Jean. "They will be the architects. However, the common thread throughout their schooling is the idea of sustainable business. And what better way to start than having them confront these issues from the moment they arrive on campus?”.

Following an introductory lecture, a round table discussion was held with a number of experts spoke about their social entrepreneurial experience. An inspiring introduction to launch a week dedicated to working in teams and sustainable development.

Startingdays2019 2
Original team-building workshops, lively brainstorming sessions and sessions combining theory and practice helped the newcomers define their social start-up concepts. An expert village was also made available to help the students further enhance their ideas.

Startingdays2019 14
The entire NEOMA BS ecosystem was involved in the event: incubators, accelerators, teams from the Talent & Career department, coaches, local financial partners and student association members. They all worked together to ensure a festive atmosphere and an irreproachable sense of unity.


The learning experience culminated in a series of passionate pitches made to a Grand jury of representatives from Matmut, Caisse d'Epargne, Enactus France and the expert village, with 9 projects selected for an award.

The Starting Days event demonstrates just how creative and hard-working students can be in an informal setting to deliver such highly convincing results. A new year has begun... Welcome to the NEOMA family!


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