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Auditing, Consulting, Finance: DSCG course equivalences in the NEOMA MiM programme

Published on 31 October 2022 by NEOMA

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Great news for students who are aiming for careers in major auditing and consulting firms and in the financial departments of large companies: NEOMA is among the first business schools to receive DSCG course equivalences.

In September 2022, NEOMA receive five out of seven equivalences for DSCG (higher education degree for accounting and management) course units for students who finished the Accounting, Control, Auditing track in the Master in Management programme.

The DSCG is a mandatory stage for those who want to become expert accountants. It is normally completed in two years. Thanks to the course equivalences that the NEOMA Master in Management programme earned, graduates of the specialised CCA track will only need two out of seven units validated to obtain this master grade.

“The specialised track of Accounting, Control and Auditing, which is offered in Master years 1 and 2 of the MiM, gives our students excellent career prospects in major auditing and consulting firms and in the financial departments of large companies,” said Nathalie Subtil, academic head and supervising professor of this track. “We have a lot of students who want to earn the DSCG. This exemption is great news for them because they save a lot of time in earning this diploma.”

At the end of 2021, the French Ministry of Higher Education took away the equivalences from all business schools. To earn them back, the schools had to comply with the ministry’s requirements and those of the sector’s professionals. NEOMA is one of the first schools to do so, thanks to the major work put into the Accounting, Control, and Auditing track of Master in Management programme.



SUBTIL Nathalie

Accounting, Control & Legal Affairs

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