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With the uncertainty surrounding the return to school for the start of the new academic year in September 2020, NEOMA has taken the decision to modify how international students are to be welcomed to the School's campuses. One such adaptation involves proposing an alternative start date in January for a number of programmes.

"We anticipate a delay in the opening of international borders beyond the EU community, making the arrival of international students in September more complex," explains Fernando Llambias, Head of International recruitment. "We have therefore developed an arrangement based on three initiatives: delaying the start of the school year until October for certain programmes, the possibility of starting the year with remote classes for those who cannot make it to the campus for the start of the school year and finally a second start date in January."
This second back-to-school date concerns programmes without specific course content progression built into the curriculum from semester to semester, i.e. those courses not requiring linear learning prerequisites. All courses are independent of one another. Therefore, students joining NEOMA in January will begin their school year by following the 2nd semester of the current programme from January to around May. They will then leave on internship and return to campus from September to December to continue their studies with the new student intake.
"This arrangement has the advantage of maintaining the initial course duration and planning over one full year and taking into account the importance of in-class teaching, campus life and group spirit," says Fernando Llambias.
As well as high-quality teaching, students are also looking for the experience of cultural immersion. Although remote classes do contribute to maintaining friendly conversations and contacts, the experience of the past few months has also highlighted the importance of having a direct contact with people and establishing social connections. "Thanks to the in-class courses, students can become fully immersed in the French culture and explore the cities of Reims, Rouen and Paris. And even further afield in France and Europe," concludes Fernando Llambias. "At NEOMA, we are doing everything possible to enable them to enjoy this unique experience and we will be delighted to welcome them."

For further details:
-    Contact International Admissions: admissions@neoma-bs.fr
-    Open applications via apply  

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