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Thematics :

The new NEOMA Business School BBA programme (Bachelor in Business Administration) began the new academic year at the beginning of September on our Reims and Rouen campuses.

For these students, the BBA programme is a complete break from their previous studies and their life at secondary school. In order to make a clean break, and to support our students as well as possible, the Talent & Career Development Unit (T&CDU), has developed an introductory seminar for them, in partnership with the BBA staff.

The T&CDU is a new structure within NEOMA BS, which is responsible for developing skills and making the most of them in individual career plans.

The seminar, entitled “Learning how to learn” is a key moment, and one of its aims is “to deconstruct the models that the students have of how to learn, and then reconstruct them” as Michel MOTTE, Director of the NEOMA BS BBA explains.

Through small-group role-play exercises led by professionals, the students were encouraged to think about different ways of learning, and about how to use individual skills to put them to effective use. Particular attention was paid to individual personal development, as it will be throughout the course.

We wish a very warm welcome to our new students!

Find out more: bba.neoma-bs.com