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The foundation stone for the future White Biotechnology Centre of Excellence (CEBB) was laid on 20 June at the Pomacle Bazancourt site. It was christened on the same day the “Institut Européen de la Bioraffinerie Reims Champagne-Ardenne” (Reims Champagne-Ardenne European Bio-refinery Institute).
This centre of excellence will enable the staff of the Ecole Centrale, AgroParisTEch and NEOMA BS research chairs to be located from 2015on the same site in close proximity to the professionals.  The chairs already work together to develop biotechnology.

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NEOMA Business School is involved via its Chair in Industrial Bio-economy.
As a business school, our research programmes concentrate on commercial development and  the ability to create value added, and thus to create industrial and commercial activity using biotechnology, which will of course develop employment in the region” stressed Yves Bénard, President of NEOMA Business School (report by Invest in Reims)

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