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Bisrat Misganaw, professor in NEOMA Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, joins the editorial board of Business Ethics, the Environment & Responsibility, an interdisciplinary journal dealing with business and social issues. An interview.

What does the position represent for you?

My research focuses on entrepreneurship in emerging and developing economies, more specifically on topics such as informality, corruption and gender. These topics are part of the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals in one way or another, and the UN SDGs are recognised by the journal as a change agenda shaping the future of business and humanity at large. So, for me it is an honor to join the editorial team of Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility (BEER) in their effort to push the research boundaries even further in these topics.

What are your projects and ambitions for this mandate?

In recent years BEER has evolved from a classical business ethics journal, to a journal that is broader in scope and coverage, as well as wider in reach and impact. Together with the editorial team, I would like to bring high quality research on emerging and developing economies on topics relevant to the journal’s scope and aim, particularly in my field of expertise. The impact factor of the journal has also grown significantly over the last few years and I would like to contribute to the editorial team’s ambition to grow the impact of the journal even further.

How does this new role interact with your mission of professor at NEOMA?

One of the area of excellences (AEs) we have at NEOMA is the World We Want. This AE promotes research on grand challenges and sustainable development questions. It specifically welcomes research questions that can contribute to the promotion of the 17 UN Global Goals. This is very well in line with the objective of the journal. I am currently the coordinator of one of the sub areas in this Area of Excellence, Social entrepreneurship and informal economies. Thus, my new role definitely creates a synergy with my research activity in the AE. Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility is an international journal ranked 5/57 in the file of Ethics and it will add to the growing visibility of the school in this research frontier.