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Participation in the Telethon, masterclass with Chef Gilles Tournadre, organisation of a tea, visit to the Rouen University Hospital and an introduction to cocktails… a look back at a rich and exciting end to the year for the students in the Gastronomy Track of the Bachelor in Service Management.

Telethon in Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf

At the beginning of November, our first year students took part in the Telethon in Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf, the ambassador town for the 2023 event. Under the guidance of their instructor, Justine Lamotte, they made 400 tartes tatin, which were sold to raise money for the charity event. Thanks to David Gallienne, sponsor of the first BMS Gastronomy Track class, for his support and presence!

Rouen University Hospital

At the Rouen University Hospital, the first year students took part in a visit on the theme of hygiene and food safety, a very important part of their training. It was a highly interesting meeting, thanks in particular to the contributions of Mr. Evrard, Hospital Director, and Mr. Ferrand, Quality & Hygiene Manager.


Masterclass led by Chef Gilles Tournadre

Our students also had the opportunity to take part in a culinary masterclass led by Chef Gilles Tournadre. They prepared a Thai broth with scallops, a subtle blend of poultry stock, cloves, star anise and a harmony of ingredients such as Shimeji mushrooms, courgettes, daikon turnips and shiitakes. Bravo for this taste adventure that awakened the senses!

Service course at the Elixir Bar in Rouen

During their service course at the Elixir Bar in Rouen, the students were introduced to the secrets of cocktail mixology, learning to make classics such as the Bloody Mary and the daiquiri. They were able to perfect their skills thanks to the techniques taught by the instructor and the talented bartenders on hand.

A memorable tea

Three of our students also organised a memorable tea as part of their second year of training. From food preparation to communication and decoration, they brilliantly managed every aspect, from management to gastronomy.


Associated programme

Bachelor in Services Management

Become a manager in retail or gastronomy with the “Bachelor en Management des Services”
  • Apprenticeship
  • 3 years
  • Rouen