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Thematics :

Applications are open! Following the creation of two new accelerators within NEOMA Business School's Startup Lab, entrepreneurs are now invited to apply to become part of the 1st cohort..

NEOMA Business School is already equipped with three Incubators to allow budding entrepreneurs to happily start their careers, and has now completed its entrepreneurial process with the launch of NEOMA EdTech Accelerator (based in Reims) and NEOMA Mobility Accelerator (based in Rouen). Open to innovative startups who have already held a first fund-raising event, these two structures aim to help them boost their development by focusing on three major areas of analysis:

  • Understanding their customers better
  • Structuring a detailed action plan to address their target
  • Launching a fund-raising event tailored for their identified needs
  • A boosted development thanks to a qualified mentor network

    These two accelerators are based on the strengths of NEOMA BS: access to a dynamic network of local partners, a wide-ranging testing ground for their products or services and a well-paced pertinent support program.


    "In three months our accelerators can save significant development time, with the success of the first major fund-raising event in line of sight," according to the analysis by Denis Gallot, Director of the NEOMA Business School Startup Lab.
    The key to success: daily mentoring combining classes by specialized and mainstream professionals."


    Are you qualified to apply?

    • Does your startup market an innovative product or service in mobility or education?
      • MOBILITY :
        • Infrastructures (port, onshore)
        • Super structures (automation of gantries, autonomous handling cranes, robotization, etc.)
        • Mobiles (convoys of connected trucks, autonomous vehicles)
        • Services (new business models, 3D printers, blockchain, AI, etc.)
      • EDUCATION :
        • Educational methods (learning to learn and creativity development)
        • Technologies applied to education (efficient transmission of knowledge and skills useful for companies)
        • Learning management systems (rapid and sustainable integration of learning outcomes, increased engagement of students in the learning process)
    • You have already made progress in your development and held a first round of investment with funders convinced in the interest of your project.
    • Now you want to CHANGE GEARS!

    How to apply

    If you have answered yes to the previous three questions, you can apply directly online!


    • Online applications: until midnight August 19, 2018
    • Meet the business manager of the accelerator for which you are applying: August 20-24, 2018
    • First Pre-Selection Committee: Week of August 27, 2018
    • Selection Committee: week of September 3, 2018
    • Start of acceleration: October 2018
    For further details, please visit: startuplab.neoma-bs.fr.