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Adrien Mougues Cheer up
Adrien Mougues Cheer up

NEOMA students are now getting involved in the fight against cancer. In Rouen, the association Cheer Up organised an event entitled Cheer Hope on 7 October, a day of free talks open to everyone. It was a real success, with almost 280 people attending throughout the afternoon.

Professors from the CHU (University Hospital) came to talk about the new technologies being used to support patients and in medical imaging. At the centre of this afternoon of discussion were the benefits of virtual reality headsets.

Conférence sur l’accompagnement des jeunes par les nouvelles technologies en présence de Kate Lee Verhoven, animatrice et responsable de l’Espace de Rencontre et d’informations au centre Becquerel, Bérangère Lorin, infirmière puéricultrice au CHU, Johan le Fel, psychologue au centre Becquerel.
Talk on using new technologies to support young people with Kate Lee Verhoven, Head of the Meeting and Information Space at the Becquerel Centre, Bérangère Lorin, children’s nurse at the CHU, and Johan le Fel, psychologist at the Becquerel Centre.
Jean-Marc Baste, chirurgien du CHU, spécialisé dans la robotique assistée par l'image.
Jean-Marc Baste, surgeon at the CHU, specialist in image-assisted robotics.
Fabrice Bauer, cardiologist at the CHU in Rouen, spoke on ultrasound guidance in cardiac surgery.
Fabien Doguet, professor at the CHU de Rouen spoke about the contribution of robotics in surgery.

And it was to finance their purchase that Cheer Up then offered to put on a charity evening with the students, a tombola, and an auction of sports players’ jerseys. The last time Cheer Hope was held, in 2019, the association raised 15,000 euros. We will have the figure for 2021 at the end of the year.


Sur le stand d'APF France Handicap.
On the APF France Handicap stand.
Les étudiants essaient les casques de réalité virtuelle. Cheer Hope, le 7 octobre 2021.
Students trying out the virtual reality headsets. Cheer Hope, 7 October 2021.
Les maillots vendus aux enchères pour récolter des fonds.
The jerseys sold in the auction to raise funds.

More information at www.cheerhope.com