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Thematics :

Students meet NEOMA partner companies at these career days to help them prepare properly for the world of work. It’s the ideal opportunity to ask the right questions, discuss your plans and pick up all the tools you need for a great start to your career!

The career days are run jointly by the Talent and Career Development Unit and NEOMA Corporate Relations. “They have an interactive format that is a huge hit with students, who really like talking to the experts face-to-face”, explains Pierre Crozet, a Career Consultant at NEOMA.

Workshops on tools for finding jobs (CVs, cover letters, pitches, LinkedIn profiles) are followed by a panel discussion where students can talk about their future careers with professionals:

  • Business functions: what the various job titles mean, how to deconstruct negative images, etc.
  • Careers: where you should start, the steps to follow so you can progress, and how to build your career.
  • Benefits: salaries, packages, etc.
  • Recruitment: the process, expected skills, etc.

Last but not least, students can use the small-group meetings to put questions directly to the experts and take their discussions a stage further.

“Most of the companies that come to these events are partners of NEOMA. For instance, at the career days in February and March with students on the MSc in Business Development and Key Account Customers, executives from Andros, Essity, Mondelez, Mc2i, Rakuten and Saint-Gobain were there. Professionals particularly appreciate these special opportunities to meet our students. And it’s also a great time to showcase firms that are actively involved in improving the employability of our students alongside NEOMA”, explains Sophie Duché, Corporate Relations and Partnerships Manager at NEOMA.