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Thematics :

Last 8 and 15 November, the 2023 NEOMA job fair was held on our Reims and Rouen campuses. In all, around one hundred businesses came to meet all of our students.

It was an opportunity for representatives of these companies to share many different professional opportunities and for graduates to visit their campus again.

Thanks to all of our partners – Crédit Mutuelle Alliance Fédérale, GBH, Amazon, Pepsico, Malakoff Humanis – and our students, Lara, Zoé and Lucas for sharing their opinion of the event.

Associated programme

Master in Management

With the Master in Management become a top-level business leader, capable of meeting the expectations of organisations all over the world.
  • Full time
  • 2 to 3 years
  • Reims, Rouen