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Thematics :

As part of an interdisciplinary case study prepared in partnership with Ferrero, a group of PGE first-year students were invited to the company's headquarters to present their findings. Jean-Baptiste SANTOUL, the programme's sponsor, was in attendance to discuss their vision of the brand's chocolate products.

Identify the key global issues involved a product launch and come up with a practical response to a specific problem encountered by the company.” This is the problem the School's Master in Management students had to deal with for their practical case study with Ferrero.
Generally, we didn't know each other and so we had to quickly learn to work together. Then, over a very short time period, we had to come up with a solid piece of work focusing on three areas. First, an accounting section addressing the sales forecasts for a new Ferrero biscuit. Then, on a marketing level, we carried out both an internal and external market study to establish the positioning of the brand's new product. A third aspect concerned innovation and meant we had to propose another product that would respond to a problem we had found. Finally, on the legal aspect, a particular focus was placed on the contract between the company and the various stakeholders,” the PGE students explain.

At the end of a first round of selection, 12 teams were invited to present a video lasting several minutes outlining their marketing proposals. A challenge that would lead to one of the groups being selected to create an advertisement that plays on children's emotions, which is typical of the brand's approach.

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“This really adds a realistic dimension to our curriculum”

Finally , after deliberation and examination of the proposals, two teams from Rouen and two teams from Reims were invited to present their work at the company's headquarters near Rouen. Together with their professors Anne PREVOST, François POTTIER, Nadege PREAUX, Ewan ORMISTON and Alain BROUTIN, and also Sylvie JEAN, the programme director, they discussed their work with several members of the Ferrero Marketing Department. Jean-Baptiste SANTOUL, the instigator of the case study, was also on hand to talk to the students.

Through this exercise, we were able to apply what we had learned during the first semester while having the freedom to use our imagination. We were also able to talk about the brand's strategy, the importance of launching a product for a company and all the aspects related to promotion,... We really felt they were interested in what we had to say. This really adds a realistic dimension to our curriculum and demonstrates the reality of the professional context. Above all, it reveals the School's place in the region. When you have the opportunity to communicate with such economic actors as Ferrero, and in particular with the alumni currently working at the company, it’s impossible to not be seduced and more demanding for this kind of initiative,” point out Alexia FERGEAU and Joseph GOSSET, students on the Rouen campus. The exercise also provides a perfect opportunity for the students to make initial contacts in view of their future employment.

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The partnership between NEOMA BS and Ferrero will of course continue. This Ferrero case will soon be submitted to the CCMP case studies bank. The objective being to strengthen this approach to teaching and learning by developing the range of applications and situations.

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Above : awarded Reims students

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Above : awarded Rouen students