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Thematics :

The students from CESEM 4 this month visited PwC Luxembourg as part of the Internal Audit and Evaluation option.

After visiting the premises, they were able to attend a lecture on Internal Evaluation given by a professional, Antoine VIDEMENT, Senior Manager.

They were welcomed by Marc SCHERNBERG, a PGE graduate of 1994, now Partner and People Leader, and were able to chat over lunch with around a dozen employees of PwC Luxembourg who are NEOMA BS graduates. Lunch was served buffet-style to encourage contacts and exchanges.

This was followed by a presentation highlighting the advantages of Luxembourg as a world-scale financial location at the heart of Europe, with the benefit of a visit to the European business and administration area.

The day concluded with an after-work get-together with the Luxembourg Group of NEOMA Alumni, another chance for the students to develop their networks among the twenty or so graduates present, who work in various different sectors.

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