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The Plurial and ACOBHA groups, which support the NEOMA Business School Chair in Real Estate and Society, asked the chair to carry out a study. This resulted in the publication of the white paper,  “Six Measures for Housing  – Social and Intermediate Housing,” presented on 25 June on the NEOMA BS Reims campus by Nicolas Tarnaud, director of the chair, in the presence of  Frank Bostyn, Dean of NEOMA BS, Paul Lavaur, President of ACOBHA and Alain Nicole, General Manager of the group Plurial.

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“The Plurial and ACOBHA groups, which are very involved in the  Paris to Strasbourg corridor in the sector of social, intermediate and student housing, face high levels of demand  for accommodation, which they have difficulty fulfilling.  Yet the development of social and intermediate housing is vital to create unity and balance in tense urban districts.
It is even more difficult for these organisations as they cannot control changes in society (social and economic factors) operational feasibility (lack of property rights) or urban planning.
For these reasons the Chair in Real Estate and Society has proposed concrete solutions to the questions raised.  These solutions should enable the authorities to encourage the development of housing in tense areas.” (extract from the white paper  “Six Measures for Housing – Social and Intermediate Housing”)

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