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Thematics :

As part of a partnership agreement with ESIGELEC, a group of students from the Guangming High School in Shanghai paid a visit to the Rouen Campus. The aim of the visit was to appeal to these international students by introducing them to our human qualities and technological strengths.
On Tuesday 28 January, a group of Chinese high school students was invited to visit the school as part of our partnership agreement with ESIGELEC. Denis GALLOT, Head of Rouen Campus and Sarah COOPER, Director of the Global BBA made a presentation of the school, and in particular the Global BBA programme, to allow the group to find out about NEOMA BS and its DNA.

A photo rally was then held in the Château on the Campus before lunch, giving the opportunity to talk about the School and the expectations of these future Asian prospects. In the afternoon, the group was divided into two to attend different workshops: the Culture Connection student society organised a crêpe workshop, while David REIS and Alexandre ALLION carried out a practical demonstration of Immersive Virtual Reality teaching, a strong point of our innovative pedagogy. Sarah COOPER had the pleasure of addressing the students to bring the day to a close.

The organization of the visit involved a variety of people from the School, including the teams of the Registrar, Programmes, Pedagogical Innovation and Student societies. One of the main objectives behind this event: to attract more and more international students in line with the School's global strategy.