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Thematics :

For the conference organised by the student societies Des Mots & Débats and Talents Aiguilles on 2 April, on NEOMA Business School Rouen campus, Pascal MORAND, Executive President of the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, addressed the future challenges facing the fashion and luxury industry.

During the conference, held on the Rouen campus, Pascal MORAND made reference to his wide experience, in particular his contribution to the creation of the Cité de la Mode et du Design in Paris. The former Director General of the French Institute of Fashion and ESCP Europe shared his point of view on the issues related to the fashion industry. “Fashion is everywhere. It is no coincidence that today all the big cities want to hold their Fashion week,” explained Pascal MORAND.
A fast-changing professional sector
After detailing the numerous changes and cultural differences in the market, the economist, who was also a former professor on NEOMA Business School Rouen campus between 1978 and1985, reminded the audience how jobs within the sector are also undergoing a major transformation. “Creative brands today cannot neglect the digital challenges that are having an effect on all levels. All the fashion houses, even the oldest, are appropriating these new practices. For example, the needs in terms of digital marketing are vast. Students will benefit from real employment opportunities in the coming years,” points out Pascal MORAND. He also raises another highly topical issue: corporate social responsibility. “At a time when the large ephemeral structures are under scrutiny, sustainable development is an obvious area that can have an impact. In this sense, I think that you as students have a real role to play! Through your reflections, you can inspire change and push these centres of fashion to embrace and commit themselves to these issues.”