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Throughout this year, the students of the advances masters in corporate communications strategies will work as consultants to solve the communication issues of startups, thanks to concrete cases.

October marks the beginning of the Consulting project for Advanced Masters in Corporate Communications Strategies students. A learning exercise based on real cases so students are confronted with the realities of the market and customer constraints. "The idea is to allow our students to work closely with a start-up over the course of the year," explains Pierrick GOMEZ, head of the Advanced Master in Corporate Communications Strategies. "Start-ups all have very specific communication needs and the importance of communication when it comes to launching a start-up is well-known."

Part of the programme involves the NEOMA students working on the communication strategy for a number of start-ups throughout the year. From the stages of development right up to the launch. "As such they'll develop their ability to carry out a diagnosis, build a communication strategy and develop their creativity skills with student designers." Indeed, this programme is organized in partnership with the Intuit.lab School of Design.

Startups and students: all winners!

MS com okTo launch the project, the Advanced Masters in Corporate Communications Strategies approached the NEOMA BS Incubators and the Prevent2careLab accelerator. The latter offers support to start-ups working in the health prevention field. Through this partnership, incubated start-ups can benefit from a genuine strategic vision in terms of communication. "Entrepreneurs do not necessarily possess all the required skills. They are sometimes alone and lack vision on certain aspects. Being able to present their project to NEOMA students and in return hear their ideas concerning communication is a real boost for their development. They will be able to benefit from deliverables that can be applied to strategic projects from 2020 onwards," explains Thibaud LE MOING, Head of Prevent2Care Lab (INCO).

One of the start-ups involved is Karols. Carole Alfonsi, co-founder of this recently created company currently incubated at NEOMA, is delighted with the partnership.

*"This programme is rewarding for both start-ups and students alike. We can talk about my projects and I'll quickly gain benefit from the students' feedback. The objective is therefore to be in a position to improve Karols' communication strategy and gain in exposure."