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Thematics :

NEOMA students involved with the Cordées de la Réussite (= Climbing to Success) scheme have decided to resume their activities with school students, providing workshops, meetings and interviews to support young people in their career decisions.

Prépa’ Rémois in Reims and Envie D’Sup in Rouen are voluntary associations which bring together NEOMA students who want to support school students, in particular through the Cordées de la Réussite scheme.

The aim of Cordées de la Réussite is to fight self-censorship and stimulate academic ambition among school students, to encourage them towards higher education. From Year 9, the students involved will have the benefit of careers support promoting equal opportunities.

For many years now, the Reims and Rouen students have been committed mentors, offering activities to those taking part.

Once again this year, and despite the unique health situation, Prépa’Rémois and Envie D’Sup were delighted to meet up with school students.

Through workshops on public speaking, team building or deciphering real from fake news, the young people learned to get to know each other and overcome their shyness.

Mock interviews were also organised remotely, with panels made up of one student and one professional counsellor from NEOMA. “We are delighted to have taken part in these mock interviews in view of the valuable discussions with these young people who need to learn the value of their own assets,” says Helen Vallerand, Careers Consultant at NEOMA.

Finally, ambitions were ignited thanks to the personal stories of former participants in Cordées de la Réussite who are now a Community Manager in business, a schoolteacher who has just written their first fantasy novel, the Deputy Director of a retirement home, and more. Wonderful first careers and just the thing to inspire the school students!

Monsieur Claval, Academic Director of the French National Education Service, came to observe the meetings in Reims and left more convinced than ever of the importance of this scheme. He warmly congratulated the students of Prépa’Rémois who were there on the subjects they had tackled, the pertinence of their advice and their courage in talking about their own career pathway. 

We are proud of the unfailing commitment of the NEOMA students to Cordées de la Réussite and their ability to adapt to a difficult health context.