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Thematics :

Students from the  NEOMA BS MSc in Marketing Intelligence for Consumer Products (which becomes the MSc in Marketing Intelligence and Innovation in September) won the French final of the 2014 Auchan Challenge, which took place on 22 May in La Défense, Paris, in front of a jury made up of Pascale Carle (Director Studies and Canvassing, Auchan France), Emmanuel Zeller (Director of Communication, Auchan France), Stéphane Martis (Director of Studies, Experian Marketing Services), Laurent Pietraszewski (HR Development Manager, Auchan France) and Bruno Wettstein ( Director of HR Development and Training, Auchan France).

Congratulations to Armelle Baveux, Marie Emilie Baudet, Loubna Oudghiri, Maxime Beaudet and Dave Tshiani, and to their coach Marie Beaurain. Our thanks also go out to Stéphane Courbras (Sector Manager, Auchan Viry) for the help and support he gave our students.

As a result of this victory, the School has won a year’s subscription to the Experian database: webMarketer-Mosaïc, a real opportunity for our students to work on the different consumer behaviour analysis programmes.

The work accomplished for the Auchan Challenge is one of the projects students are required to carry out as part of their MSc course in Marketing Intelligence for Consumer Products at NEOMA BS (which becomes the M.Sc. in Marketing Intelligence and Innovation in September), delivered on the  NEOMA Business School Reims campus, and directed by Françoise Collard.

The Auchan challenge takes place in two phases. The first round is at regional level. Auchan has 5 regions: North, Paris region, East, West and South.
Our students were in the Northern region. They worked with the Viry Noureuil store (Aisne département) and won this first round.
They then performed brilliantly in the French final, answering the following question: “How will new technologies enable Auchan to unite with its inhabitants?”  
The other regions were represented by KEDGE BS (West), IESEG (Paris region) Toulouse BS (South) and IMMD Lyon (East).

NEOMA Business School confirms the excellence of its teaching once again through the expertise demonstrated by our students during these competitions.