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Thematics :

Last December, Fourth-year students on our TEMA Programme were able to experience immersive virtual reality during a Marketing course dedicated to Merchandising and Retailing.

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Equipped only with virtual reality headsets and a smartphone, the students were transported into the 6netic store, the leader in mobile phone repairs, multimedia products and accessories, and a partner of NEOMA Business School. Whilst remaining in the classroom they visited the store, discovered how it works and listened to explanations by the company’s founders about why and how to set up a business.

From the learning perspective, the immersive virtual reality approach makes it simple to bring companies into the classroom and thus to get an objective view of professional situations.

In addition, the students enjoy the fact that this experiential exercise allows them to explore the site at their own pace.

This technology allows us to break up the learning routine. It also provides an individual experience: each students can enjoy their own experience, make their own analysis of the sales outlet, and then share it with the rest of the group” explains Alain Goudey, professor of Marketing at NEOMA BS and project leader, alongside the Teaching & Learning Centre..

This innovative approach introducing immersive virtual reality into the classroom has a second objective: to give our students the opportunity to get hands-on experience of new technology, and to see exactly what it consists of. In a world transformed by technology, our students are able to experience the technologies that they will encounter in their future career.

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