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Thematics :

The first year of the programme consists in 4 courses and 2 workshops in China plus one study tour in France.
Sébastien Lleo, Doctoral School Director at NEOMA Business School, taught the course “How to construct statistical models” last October, in Shanghai. He gives us his impressions…

“On October 16th, we all met in Shanghai for a course on statistical models. This is the cohort’s fifth core course, and a nice opportunity to catch up, discuss academic research, and of course sample delicious food.

And if there was any doubt, these pictures also confirm that advanced statistics are an enjoyable topic! View the album

In addition to the course, we were fortunate to have a workshop on literature reviews expertly taught by Dr. Weihe Gao/高维和 from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

A HUGE  谢谢/thank you to:

  • 谭利萍/Emma Tan, the DBA Programme Manager for her superb organisation skills and levelheadedness,
  • 乔霞/Jessica Qiao, our interpreter extraordinaire (how do we say “heteroskedasticity” in 中文 again?),
  • the students, for their hard work and dedication during the course,
  • and the whole team in Shanghai!”.

Next course: Conducting Research in Multicultural Context, November 27th-29th with Jennifer Harrison and Yuan Jiang./江源, translation by Minyan Huang/黄敏妍.

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