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Thematics :

The Chinese PhD students in the NEOMA BS Doctorate of Business Administration programme (DBA), organised in partnership with Jiaotong University in Shanghai attended a seminar in Reims between 22 and 30 April.

The aim of the DBA is to give students the tools and skills necessary to create innovative management solutions for rapidly changing global markets.

With this in view, the seminar included a methodology course on “Designing academic research,” Christopher Williams (PhD) by who specialises in the field of knowledge creation and transfer, and one on “Leadership and Organisational Development” by Michelle Bligh (PhD), who is an acknowledged specialist in organisational behaviour.

The seminar also included a visit to the site of CHAMTOR, a firm with a turnover of €180m in the heart of the Champagne-Ardenne region, which processes wheat in innovative ways and is closely involved in plant chemistry via its partnership with the “Industry and Agro-Resource” competitiveness cluster.

Finally, the students could not leave our region without a guided tour of the celebrated Cathedral of Reims and one of our champagne houses, Maison Burtin in Epernay!

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The NEOMA BS-Jiaotong Shanghai DBA programme
Delivered entirely in English, this programme targets students with a minimum of 5 years’ professional or managerial experience and Master level qualifications. The programme is organised around monthly seminars delivered in Shanghai interspersed with study tours organised in France.
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